Presents are pretty cool

I have a pretty big day coming up this week. I’m having a really big party with all my friends and there’s even going to be cake. My parents are holding some very boring sounding thing on the same day (I think they’re calling it a wedding, very dull) so I just hope that doesn’t get in my way.

I thought parties were mainly about cake but today I found out that there’s a whole extra bit I didn’t know about. Presents!!!! If I was writing a list of presents I want it would go something like this:

Spy kit
Real gun (my spud gun doesn’t work)
Pet elephant
Talking monkey pet
Very fast car
A second tank (I got one from Santa last year, it’s really cool)

One of my really cool Aunties (they’re all amazing, not that I’m trying to keep on their good sides or anything) sent me the best present ever! Firstly, she wrote me a card. I approved of this card because it was addressed to the Honourable Oink Esq. I think I might start signing things like that to take a break from writing Genghis Oink all the time. On to the present. Monies! Lots and lots of lovely monies, a whole bag of it! There’s coins and notes and some of the notes say 500 on them! I’m so rich! My Aunty called it my ‘trust fund’. No idea what that is so I think maybe she trusts me to spend the funds wisely (possibly on a helicopter).

On another note, there’s a very strong smell of chocolate around now but I can’t seem to find it. Pity, I’d REALLY like some chocolate now…







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