Mini golf

Today I accompanied my parents to Dundrum to try something new. My Daddy plays golf and he wants my Mummy to play too so that he’ll be allowed to go golfing more. I’ve been on a golf course before, it’s very big and to be honest, very boring. I have my own set of golf clubs but I don’t really use them, there’s far too much exercise involved.

I had a long chat with Mummy yesterday about why she should take up golf. I told her about the benefits of fresh air and exercise and how much she could gloat if she beat Daddy. Of course, none of these are the real reason I want her to take up golf, it’s really because I want her out of the house more, I have things to do. Her main argument seemed to centre around the size of the golf course and the amount of walking involved. So we decided to start small with Mummy. Mini golf.

It was in a really cool place, there were two courses to choose from with 18 holes each. One was Aztec and one was Mayan. I had a brilliant time! I didn’t bother actually playing, it was much more fun messing up everyone else’s game! I was mainly trying to make sure that Mummy won so that she’d decide to take golf up properly. I started off by sitting right beside the hole and trying my mind control techniques to make the golf ball so the other direction.


This didn’t really work, they were still managing to get the ball into the hole and my Mummy even managed to get one ball into the hole in just one shot! Of course, if I had been playing I would have had a hole-in-one every time. Especially on the really difficult ones. So I decided I needed to do something more direct to stop Daddy from winning. I sat IN the hole…


This did work better than my first try but Daddy kept hitting balls at me and it was really starting to hurt so I had to give up. My next attempt wasn’t my best, it nearly turned out very bad for me… I climbed on to Daddy’s golf club to try to weigh it down so he’d miss the ball. But I wasn’t heavy enough and I nearly ended up being knocked into the hole with the ball. Ouch.


I also tried hiding and jumping out just when the ball was going to be hit but that didn’t work either. Daddy still won ๐Ÿ™ See if you can spot me in this photo!


Still, all is not lost. Mummy said she had fun! We might get to go again some time, myself and Ted might play if we do. I’ll win of course. And then we’ll have pizza and ice cream to celebrate how great I am ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to go tidy my room now (well, supervise my Mummy doing it) because my grandparents are coming to visit tomorrow. I’m really hoping they bring chocolate…

Over and out!

Oink xxx





3 responses to “Mini golf”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Good to know you had fun at the Rainforest with your mum and dad! Your story got me smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ and your photos are sooooo cute!

    Will it be ok if I post your blog’s link on our Facebook page? Would appreciate that very much.

    Thanks! Hopefully you’d get that pizza and ice cream next time!

    1. Oink Avatar

      Hi Melissa,

      Of course you can repost, glad you liked it!

      1. Melissa Avatar

        Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

        Give me a buzz if you’re coming in next time.

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