Month: August 2012

  • Castles are better than dolmens

    Over the weekend I have visited several historic sites. I got a pirate flag at the Tall Ships Festival so I wanted to go places that I could claim with my flag. I looked it up on the Internet and I found out that if you have a flag and there’s nobody else around then […]

  • Dolmen time

    Today I went on an exploring day with my parents. The Oinkmobile is great for days out and I do like being chauffeur driven. We were looking for really old stuff. Even older than my Daddy who is close to being one of the oldest things I’ve ever seen. Mummy said the dolmen we were […]

  • Tall Ships Festival

    Today I went to the start of the Tall Ships Festival in Dublin. It was good but not as much fun as it was in Waterford last year. Mainly because Mummy said she had learned her lesson and wouldn’t let me off to play on my own. Last year I got onto a really big […]

  • Sunday’s are Fundays!

    Yesterday was a really great day. My Daddy works lots of Sundays now (and he won’t let me go with him because of a silly little incident where I plugged out all the computer cables and used them to make nice coloured plaits) but he was off yesterday. So we had a day out! The […]

  • I’m famous

    I was in the supermarket with my Mummy the other day supervising what she was buying. I always write long shopping lists for her to follow but she always seems to lose them. That means I have to eat boring things like potatoes and vegetables and I have to have plain cereal for my breakfast […]