Castles are better than dolmens

Over the weekend I have visited several historic sites. I got a pirate flag at the Tall Ships Festival so I wanted to go places that I could claim with my flag. I looked it up on the Internet and I found out that if you have a flag and there’s nobody else around then you can wave your flag and stick it to the place and then you own it. It happens a lot on mountains but I’m a bit too lazy to climb a mountain on my own and it could take me a while to convince my parents to carry me up one.

Anyway, I saw two dolmens at Knockeen and Gaulstown (funny names, I’m renaming them Oinkstone 1 and Oinkstone 2). At first I thought they were amazing, they were absolutely huge! But then we stopped at Granny Castle and that was even better! I don’t know why it has that name because I searched all around it and I shouted lots and my Granny didn’t seem to be there. It’s a great castle, it has great views over the river so that I can get a good aim at all the boats passing. And it has space to moor my own pirate boat outside. There’s only two problems really but once I find Daddy’s credit cards I can get them sorted out pretty quickly. I need to buy a new gate to keep everyone I don’t like out and I need to put a roof on the main castle bit so that I don’t get wet ( I might end up CLEAN!!!). I’ll be having a really big party to celebrate moving in, I’ll send out invitations once I get the roof sorted out. And I’m going to need a bigger pirate flag, mine looks a little bit small beside Castle Oink.

Hurray for castles!

Sir Oinksalot xxx






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