My name is Bond, Oink Bond

In the past two weeks, I have attended two very different music shows. I wonder if you’ll be able to tell by the end of this post which was my favourite.

First up, James Bond theme songs! I really love James Bond, if I could swop lives with anyone it would be him. Though obviously I’d be even more awesome than him then because I’m so much better looking. He gets to do so many exciting things like blowing stuff up, shooting, blowing stuff up, drinking cocktails, blowing stuff up and driving fast cars! He also seems to hang around with a lot of girls but I’m not sure why when he could be spending that time BLOWING STUFF UP!!! I get lots of ideas from watching him, like my plans for my hollowed out volcano lair and my crocodile guards and even my secret gadgets hidden in my shoes.

So when I found out that there was going to be a concert of all the music from my favourite films and that my parents had tickets, I had to go! I had to dress right, Bond always wears suits so I went even further. I put on my suit with the tails! Then I snuck into my Daddy’s suit pocket and got a lift all the way there. Once they were in their seats I popped out and I got a great view of the whole concert.

It was a brilliant concert, the singers were great (though I would have been better, I have a beautiful voice but I decided to take the night off). My favourite one was ‘We have all the time in the world’, that was the last dance at my big party a few months ago. Not site why my parents still think that day was about them, I really must look at my dictionary at what ‘wedding means’. It might be weeding spelled wrong… Anyway, I had a great time. A man I didn’t know even admired my suit! I sang all the way home ๐Ÿ™‚

And then on to the second concert. Mummy won tickets to go to see an opera. Ick. I know all about opera, I saw it on tv once. People stand on a stage and sing very loudly at each other. Possibly because it’s in a funny language and they can’t understand each other so they just shout. I asked her to tell me more about it. It was called Tristan and Isolde and it was 5 hours long. FIVE HOURS!!! And to make it even worse, no popcorn! Popcorn is great, when you get tired of eating it you get to throw the rest at the back of people’s heads. I decided to stay at home.

Unfortunately, Mummy had a different idea. I had a chat with Ted and we formed a plan. I put white powder on my face and pretended to cough. It was a great plan and it should have worked. We even heated up the thermometer so that it would look like I was really sick when she took my temperature. She looked worried and went downstairs but then she came back. With a big bottle of medicine. It was nasty! I managed a tiny lick of the spoon before I jumped up out of bed. Even the opera is better than cough syrup ๐Ÿ™

It was soooooooo boring! I watched to first bit, from what I could gather between all the shouting, Isolde hates Tristan because either she didn’t like his hair or because he killed someone (not sure which). Then Isolde loves Tristan (maybe he got his hair cut? She was waving a cup around, that might have been some way involved). I think all this was happening on a boat. I read ahead in the brochure to see how it ended, everyone dies. Boring. So I went for a wander around the theatre instead and ended up falling asleep in the orchestra pit. If I’d made it to the stage I might have livened things up a bit!

So, can you guess now which concert was my favourite?

In other news:

I want to say a big thank you to my Granny Isa for standing up for me this week. My Mummy has been particularly bold lately, she won’t let me do anything fun ๐Ÿ™ I want to throw things off the roof, not allowed. I want to eat all the sweets in the house, not allowed. I want my parents to sleep on the floor so I get the whole big bed, not allowed. I want to try out my new markers on Dad’s face, not allowed. I want a puppy, not allowed. See the pattern??? My life is about to get so much better now, Mummy has to listen to Isa heehee!





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