Best dinner ever!

I’m always trying to convince my Mummy to let me help her with the grocery shopping. She needs help because every week I write a list for her (chocolate, crisps, jellies) and every week she comes home with all the wrong things (fruit, vegetables, fish). This week, I finally succeeded. She was doing her shopping online and I managed to sneak something awesome into her basket without her noticing!

I live in Ireland and everyone knows that Irish boys love potatoes. The people that my Daddy works with in England seem to think that’s weird but they are obviously very strange themselves… I love potatoes because some of my favourite foods are made from them, like crisps and chips. And I have a spud gun that you can shoot bits of potatoes from 🙂

So I got the most wonderful type of potato possible, alphabet shaped! The best thing about it is that I can use to it have my own name for dinner. Awesome!!!!!






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  1. Simon Avatar

    OMFG…. please.. no :p

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