Halloween again

As you all know, Halloween is my favourite time of the year (apart from Christmas and my birthday). I get to spend weeks planning the festivities and preparing my costume. I thought long and hard and decided that this year, I needed a costume that would make a profit. So I went as Santa and spent the day taking small down payments from people who wanted to get on my ‘nice’ list. I now have enough money to buy the biggest selection box in Tesco and also a very long list of people who will be getting runny reindeer poo in their socks instead of presents (I’m looking at you Mummy).

Halloween is also Ted’s birthday. This year he displayed his customary lack of imagination by dressing as a pumpkin. Again. I spent ages working on party games to play for the evening, like bobbing for apples (where I dunk people in water that has an apple in it or alternatively send them down a river inside a hollowed out apple to see how long they float for), snapdragon (where I train a pet dragon to bite people) and trick or treat (where I take treats from people and then trick them anyway). But yet again, my parents got in the way. Ted got to choose the days activities and all he wanted was some chocolate, a cake and an evening watching his favourite tv shows (it was Arrow again, he always supports the good guy though, so boring!). Here’s a photo of Ted with his cake, he’s 7 now and acting terribly grown up and dull…


Sorry there aren’t any photos of me in my Santa outfit, I’m saving those as a special treat for you all in my future Christmas countdown posts!

Oink x






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