My Golden Egg

Today I was bored, so I decided to root through all the presses in the house to find something entertaining. After emptying all the wardrobes onto the floor, I moved on to the kitchen where I had great fun throwing glass jars about. Until I found a big box at the back of the highest press. The box had my Mummy’s name on it, highly suspicious. Mummy’s aren’t meant to have secrets…

So I had to find out what she was hiding from me. I rattled the box, no sound. I sniffed it, slightly sweet. I lifted it up, not too heavy. I stuck a knife in the box and it just fell open all on it’s own! I couldn’t believe my eyes…it was a golden egg!!! A rather large one. It’s obviously a dragon egg, everybody knows that they are golden. Mummy got me my own dragon! She does listen to me after all!!!

So now I have to try to get my new dragon to hatch. I couldn’t find any internet guides to hatching dragon eggs so I’m going to do what my Granny’s chickens used to do. Sit on it. I’ve also put it in the sun to speed things up with the heat. I can feel it working already, the top is getting soft. I’ll be introducing my dragon to you all by tonight!


Now off to ponder what I shall call it…






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