I got a new pet today. And I will love it and feed and sing to it but I can’t hug it because it’s slimy. On the way back from our day out (more on that later), we stopped at the pet shop. And got two new pleco fish for our tank. One is mine and one belongs to Ted. We had a competition to name them. I wanted Fishy 1 and Fishy 2. Boring parents said no. So their names are Bill and Ben. Bill is my one. He’s not very interesting so far, he goes around the tank sucking the glass clean. He’s very small but I’m going to feed him til he grows big enough to eat the nasty goldfish (hopefully they won’t eat him first). Bill is already much better than Ben, I always win 😀

I tried to take a picture but it wouldn’t come out properly, I’ll try again later.






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