Gardening for wealth (and chocolate)

It’s officially Spring, the time when everything starts growing. My dad was off work today so I decided to supervise him clearing up the garden. He showed him some bulbs and explained how they’ll grow into flowers if you bury them and give them plant food and water. This got me thinking…

…if dad plant things, they probably grow. Therefore, if someone as marvelous as me plants things, they’ll definitely grow and they’ll grow bigger and better than anyone else. So I put on my wellies and climbed into a flower bed with my trowel. It was really tough work but I managed to dig three holes. I put some of my pocket money in the first hole. I didn’t like parting with money but it’ll be a good investment when my money tree is 20ft tall. Which should be about a week from now. I buried a chocolate bar in the second hole (I stole that from dad so I didn’t mind losing it). That’s going to grow into a giant chocolate tree though I’m a bit disappointed now that I didn’t use a creme egg, a creme egg tree would be amazing. In the last hole, I put my monkey. He’s very small and not much use to me at the moment but if he was really tall I could ride around on his back and he could stamp on people I don’t like. I’m going to water him every day and I’ll dig him up again once he gets to the right height.

I’m tired now after all that hard work, it’s time to relax with my feet up (while admiring the nice pattern of muddy footprints I’ve left all over the carpet).

Oink x







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  1. Aunty Mel Avatar
    Aunty Mel

    Now a creme egg tree would be faaaaaaaaabulous

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