Greetings Earthlings

My name is Oink. In this blog I shall be sharing words of wisdom and whatever happens to be going through my mind. My life is very exciting so this may not be suitable for children. My main ambition is to one day rule the universe (the world is nowhere near enough…), so far I’ve got my own tank and I’m building up an army of squirrels so I’m getting there. I also like eating, sleeping and generally tormenting people. Some day, if you’re very lucky, I’ll upload my hit single ‘Je suis le Oink’. Anyone caught humming this (and you will, it’s magnificent) will be charged 20 cent royalties.


Hugs and kissies,


Sir Oinksalot xxx






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  1. Ross Avatar

    Welcome to the Interweb!
    Come the revolution I’ve got your back!

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