My dad got his new camera yesterday, it’s a Nikon D800. He thinks he’s great but my camera is obviously better than his. His only has a white light flash whereas mine is much cooler, it’s blue. And it makes a louder noise! I’m rather talented too, I’ve been taking some great shots of the squirrels fighting over the bird food in the garden 🙂 The best thing about Dad’s new camera is that it already has lots of pictures of me on it already.

I really like Dad today, he ordered my new iPad this morning. My Mum seems to think she’ll be sharing it with me, she’s very deluded… I shall be using my iPad for many things. Updating my blog, keeping an eye on all my Facebook friends, searching for submarine parts on eBay, ordering airplane books on Amazon, watching funny videos of squirrels…so much to do!






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