Being nosey pays off

My daddy went into work early this morning. I had set up plenty of obstacles on the floor during the night to make things more interesting, it was very hard to muffle my giggles and pretend to be asleep while he was standing on hair brushes and falling over chargers. I thought that was going to be the highlight of my morning but I was wrong…

I heard him taking something big out of his bag and leaving it beside my mummy. She was fast asleep (she’s rather lazy) so she didn’t know about it. I had to find out what it was! Being nosey really paid off 🙂 It was a huge Easter egg!!! I have removed it for safekeeping. It’s not Easter yet so it would be wrong for mum to have it. Plus she said she’s on a diet. And I’m pretty sure she’s scared of yellow boxes. And allergic to chocolate. Really, if I just ate all the chocolate and disposed of the evidence I’d be doing her a favour, right?

Update: The egg is gone. My tummy hurts. The two things are in no way linked.







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