Fishies Part 2

Bill and Ben the Pleco fish came home today. Bill and Ben are great, they swim really fast around the tank licking the glass so it’s clean again. When they’re not doing that they like to hide under the ornaments in the tank and jump out to scare the other fish. They’re also very very good at hide and seek.

Anyway, the reason that Bill and Ben went away for a few days is because they ate too much food and they needed to go to a special holiday camp where you go on a diet and have to do lots of exercise. We didn’t want them to go away but Mummy said that if they didn’t then they wouldn’t fit in the tank any more and they’d have to go live on a fish farm in the country where we wouldn’t get to visit them much. They had to go away in the middle of the night. I was disappointed I didn’t get to say goodbye but the slimming camp only has very limited check in times.

They came home today! I went to collect them with my parents. I waited in the car while Daddy went to pay the bill for their stay. It was a bit weird, the slimming club had ‘Pet Shop’ written over the door. It must have been one of those shops that has a different shop upstairs. I was so happy to see Bill and Ben again. They came out in a bag full of water. I tried to chat to them in the car but they didn’t seem to recognise me. They must just be really tired from all that exercise. The slimming camp really worked, they’re way smaller than they used to be.

This afternoon I helped Daddy to clean the tank and change some of the water so that they’d have a nice place to get back in to. Well, when I say ‘helped’ I mean ‘watched and shouted instructions at’. I don’t like getting wet, it’s too much like a bath for comfort. I don’t like baths…. Bill and Ben are now happily swimming around the tank again. I’ve told them not to eat too much because I don’t like it when they go away but Mummy says they’re too little to understand. Fingers crossed!






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    hi oink , your friend marmar ,i know her she is my friend !!!!

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