My party

Sorry I haven’t been able to update my blog lately, I’m on holiday! I’m not quite sure why but it seems to be what happens after the wedding thing that my parents had last week. They called it a honeymoon but I’ve searched the entire building and I haven’t found any honey. I haven’t seen the moon either, too many clouds. So basically I’m a bit confused.

I’ll be writing a proper blog post about my holiday tomorrow, I’m in a really cool tower and there’s still lots of exploring to do and mischief to get up to before I go home tomorrow.

Anyway, my friend Snow was at my party last Friday and she’s written a really good blog about the day. She got lots of photos (I of course look great but there aren’t enough photos to do me justice. My shoes in particular were handmade leather, I’m very sophisticated). You can read all about it at:

I’m off to try to climb the flag pole on the roof now. Over and out!

Oink xxx







2 responses to “My party”

  1. Anna Sheridan Avatar
    Anna Sheridan

    please oink, say hi for Anna ! in your next blog .

  2. Captain Incredible Avatar

    Looking very civilised there, young fellow- nice to see etiquette being observed at occasions of state…

    The Europan envoy, Ambassador Snow, reported that you were on your best behaviour, so that was good.

    Keep up the good work…

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