Property speculation

Lately I’ve been trying to read newspapers. Somebody called me a silly little boy (I’m not little, I’m almost 2 and my mummy says I’m going to grow tall any day now) so I’ve decided to educate myself so I can’t be called silly.

I’ve started with the property section as it has lots of nice pictures. It’s also good research for when I’m buying my secret lair in a few years time. Hollowed out extinct volcanoes don’t come up for sale as often as I’d hoped…

Since my volcano plan is on hold, I’m trying out a piece of property advice I saw on the newspaper. It said to start with something small that I could do up. Here’s what I found. It’s a bit small but I think I could do a lot to it. And I checked, it has a working chimney. The property section called that an ‘original period feature’. No idea what that is but I think it means old things like my parents…






2 responses to “Property speculation”

  1. Dad Avatar

    You’re not “almost 2″… Your 2nd birthday was last month!!

  2. Captain Incredible Avatar

    A cunning disguise, young fellow-me-piglet, yet I think you’ll find that digging the underground bunker will pose something of a difficulty even for an intellect such as yours.

    And it looks like you’re on loam…

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