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Hi everyone,

This is Ted here. Oink is busy sorting out his evil lair (it seems to involve a lot of sitting under a palm tree sipping fruit punch and shouting at people) so he doesn’t have time to blog today. He handed me the iPad and told me to deal with it. He wasn’t specific as to how so I’m going to take full advantage and have my first ever blog post! I managed to sneak onto the plane with Oink the other day and I’m really glad I did. Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing.

First of all, we’re staying in a really cool place. It’s right beside the beach. The bed is massive, there’s loads of room for everyone and I really like it because it’s right under the cold air fan. I have a lot of fur so I get very very hot. I don’t really go outside much because I’m afraid I might burn and I don’t want to put on sunscreen (I’ve seen Daddy trying to put it on his hairy legs and it looks very messy). Mum says I need to relax a bit and stop worrying about everything but it’s very hard to do.

So I’ve been trying to relax and get into the spirit of St Lucia. So far I’ve learned a few things about the island. Everyone seems to drink cocktails and they looked a nice colour so I decided to try one. Mummy ordered me a nice one made with just fruit. Here’s a picture of me drinking it.


Next I decided to build a sandcastle because all the smaller people here seem to be doing that. I was afraid I was going to get dirty and that it would be too hard but Daddy helped me and it looks great. I designed it to have a moat and a drawbridge and even a flag on the top. Oink says maybe I can be on his lair planning committee now (it seems to be just him and a stray cat he’s trying to recruit at the moment).


Then I tried sunbathing. In the shade of course, I don’t want sunburn. It was a bit boring and all Oink did was whine. So I decided to try out our private pool. I like having baths and when I tried the water it was nice and warm so I decided to try swimming. Unfortunately Daddy said I had to bring Oink with me. Oink hates water, he doesn’t like the way it makes him clean…. I tried to convince him to come into the pool but you can see from the photos I didn’t succeed.



Mummy and Daddy have invited me to go whale watching with them on Monday, I’ll have to think about it very carefully though. Oink went with them on a water taxi to the next town yesterday. He said it was really bumpy and fast and he loved that but it sounds a bit scary to me. I used the iPad to google whales and they look really really big. I’m not sure I’d like that ๐Ÿ™

I asked Mummy what was a good way to relax after all that Oink related stress so she brought me up to see the hammocks. I tried one out but the holes in them are very big and I was really scared that I was going to fall through ๐Ÿ™

So instead, she brought me up to the main hotel where they have the best seating place ever! They’re giant swinging beds with comfy cushions and you can’t fall through them ๐Ÿ™‚ And I got one all to myself! I think I could get used to the Caribbean. And I can hear my favourite person of the day arriving, the ice delivery man! I’m off to sit in the ice bucket.


Hopefully I’ll be allowed to blog again at some point, Oink is very mean to me and never shares his toys normally.

Bye bye,







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