Nuts about Coconuts! (& stuff…!)

Today we hung out at the base of the two candidates for my secret lair. Daddy says they’re called Pitons. I call them huge volcanos!!!


This one is will be the site of my secret layer but don’t tell anyone!!!!
The other mountain I’ll turn into my secret missile launch site…

I need a big army to hollow out the insides so I’m going to make everyone in the hotel work for me by threatening to poo on their heads!!!! Mummy wondered what I would do with everyone once it’s hollowed out. Like, doh! I’ll put them in big hamster wheels to make enough electricity so I can watch TV! Mummy can be so silly sometimes… I won’t make Mummy or Daddy be my slaves as they mightn’t give me my pocket money. 🙁 After all I need my pocket money to buy the super secret submarine!

Anyway my main blog thing today is that I now have servants!!! There’s this guy who is called my Coconut Guy (he has a cool t-shirt saying so!) that sorted me out with an awesomely big coconut!
It tastes so yum…. Hope Mummy doesn’t realise I finished the coconut milk ages ago and all it now has is stuff from the mini-bar!!! Hehehe!!!! 🙂


Hic hic hic… Drinking it too quickly… Oops!!!






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