Today I am mostly trying out some new military tactics. I got a new army outfit recently but I need to get it taken in (I’m waiting Mummy…) So while I’m waiting, I decided to try out the jacket. It’s camouflage!!! I look really fantastic in it, but then I look fantastic in everything.

So I looked it up on the Internet and it seems my outfit was made for hiding and creeping up on people. It makes you very hard to see around green things… To the garden!!! I’m staying in my grandparents house at the moment so there’s loads of room to play.

I started by creeping up behind my aunty to see what she was doing. By the time I climbed up the little tree it probably would have been easier to just ask her. Anyway, I worked out what she was doing, cooking pink cow sausages on the barbecue. It smelled icky so I moved on.


I headed up the garden to see the chickens. They’re really silly so I decided to see if I could fool them into not seeing me. I climbed into the hedge and made some quacking noises (the ones I learned for my duck costume) just to see what would happen. They were so confused! It was great, silly silly chickens 🙂


I after that I went over to the fish pond but I didn’t really have any luck there. I’d been planning on catching some for mummy for her dinner (she might have given me extra pocket money) but it didn’t matter in the end because somebody had already gone to the shop for some and I found a euro in a flower bed anyway 🙂


I spent quite a bit of time crawling around flower beds and hopping out to try to scare people. That was really good fun! Except for when I climbed up a rose bush and my landed on a thorn 🙁 And the bit where I got given out to for getting my clean white shorts wet. And the bit where my granny s watering the plants. She didn’t see me and I very nearly got watered. It was a really scary moment, I could have ended up CLEAN!!!



Anyway, I eventually had to stop because my evil granny got sick of me popping up from under cabbage plants when she was trying to do the gardening. She put me in the chickens house as punishment and told me I had to sleep there! It smells really really bad 🙁 My mummy rescued me pretty quickly though once she heard me squealing.


So that was the tale of my first expedition in my camouflage outfit. It works pretty well as just the jacket so I can’t wait until my hat and trousers are ready 🙂

Over and out!

Oink xxx

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6 Responses to Camouflage

  1. Maria says:

    I learned new smilies!!!!!!!!!! 😕 = : + ?
    😀 = : + D
    😮 = : + o
    8o = 8 + o
    8) = 8 + )
    😡 = : + x
    😛 = : + P
    😐 = : + |
    😉 = ; + )
    😆 = :+ lol + :
    😳 = : + oops + :
    😥 = : + cry + :
    👿 = : + evil + :
    😈 = : + twisted + :
    🙄 = : + roll + :
    ❗ = : + ! + :
    ❓ = : + ? + :
    💡 = : + idea + :
    ➡ = : + idea + :
    :mrgreen: = : + mrgreen + :
    This was from Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  2. Maria says:

    the froth one might have been :O = : + O

  3. Maria says:

    😮 = : + eek + : = the third one that I don’t like 👿

  4. Maria says:

    should have been this one 😯

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