My holidays

This post is being written a few weeks after the things actually happened. The main reason for this is because I was waiting to get the photos from my Daddy’s computer. It took a while cos he’s very busy.

Just before I went on my holidays to St Lucia, my parents brought me to Northern Ireland for the first part of their honeymoon thing. I didn’t see any honey while I was there but I did see the moon a few times. We were staying in a really amazing place, in fact it was so amazing that I’m planning on building something just like it at the end of our garden once I persuade the squirrels to move out. It was a tower! A real one! We had to drive for ages to get there. The road up to the tower was really windey and full of potholes (they were big enough for me to use as a swimming pool if I dared to get wet). It was called Helen’s Tower and it was at the top of a hill in the middle of a forest. I considered it as a possible secret lair but it was too visible from miles around. It would have been useful for firing missiles from though… Here’s a picture of the Tower which shall from now on be known as Oink’s Tower.


The inside of the Tower was great. The stairs was a spiral, fantastic for hiding on and jumping out to scare people. The only problem was that the steps were a bit tall and there were so many of them. It was four floors high! This made it a little difficult to get around on my own but I worked out a system with Ted where I could stand on his shoulders to get onto the next step and then I would help to pull him up after me.



On the first day, I finally got to cut my cake from my big party. Mummy carried me all the way up to the roof. There was a really great view, I could spy on people for miles around. Daddy got me a really sharp knife to cut the cake with and Mummy opened champagne to celebrate how great I am ๐Ÿ™‚ The bubbles went up my nose. My cake was absolutely brilliant, it was pink because that’s such a great colour (I’m pink) and it had a 3D portrait of me on it. And it was made of chocolate. Best cake ever! Here’s a photo of me cutting it ๐Ÿ™‚


You can see Ted behind me guarding the champagne. He said he was guarding it ‘from’ me but I think he meant ‘for’ me. I had a little sip later on when my parents weren’t looking (champagne is only for adults) and I got a bit giddy. There was a flag pole on top of the tower and I apparently tried to climb up it. I didn’t believe Mummy until she showed me the photo.


The weather was great on the first day, apparently that’s very unusual so I got my photo taken to prove it.


For the rest of the week, it was very wet and windy. I did go outside for a bit on the second day but I had to wear my wellies. I quite liked that, I got to stamp in puddles and nobody gave out to me. That nearly never happens! Myself and Ted played hide and seek in the woods and then went back to the tower for an indoor picnic. It’s the best type of picnic because it’s warm and dry and a cow doesn’t try to steal your chocolate from you ( there were a lot of cows and horses around outside).


When the picnic was over we decided to play some games. We started off with I-spy but Ted kept winning so we had to change game. I’m fairly sure he was cheating but I can’t work out how. Mummy says I’m useless at being sneaky and it’s really easy to see what I’m thinking but she’s obviously crazy. We moved on to Scrabble. I like Scrabble. You get to make words out of letters and get points for them. The silly adults kept giving out to me for making up fake words so I decided to write true things down on the board instead, there’s no way they could dispute ‘Oink Rules’.



So I had a really good time in the tower. I even spent a whole afternoon defending it from walkers, a small rabbit and some cows standing in a field nearby (they were obviously up to something). I was on the roof ready to throw things at them if they came too close. I can’t wait to have a tower of my own some day. I will be making some improvements though, it could have done with some more pointy bits on top and making a fire breathing dragon guarding the front door. I wonder if you can buy one of those on eBay… I must go check ๐Ÿ™‚





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  1. Au Pair Avatar

    Dear Oink,
    It sounds like you had a great holiday! I especially love the picture of you cutting you cake! ๐Ÿ™‚

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