Tall Ships Festival

Today I went to the start of the Tall Ships Festival in Dublin. It was good but not as much fun as it was in Waterford last year. Mainly because Mummy said she had learned her lesson and wouldn’t let me off to play on my own. Last year I got onto a really big boat called Mir and I climbed on everything, especially the things that had ‘no climbing’ signs on them. This year I haven’t been on a boat yet but I might get to go onto some tomorrow.

I got to see lots of the boats from the quay today. After a lot of debating with Ted (well, I debated, he just sat there covering his ears, probably because my voice sounds too lovely for him) I’ve decided which boat will be mine. I picked the biggest one. Mummy said it’s named after some famous explorer but more importantly, it’s Italian and I really like ice cream and pizza. Also there was plenty of space on the deck to mount cannon…


After that we met my Uncle Donal. He’s great even though he spends a lot of time pretending not to hear or see me and making smart comments on Facebook that I don’t really understand (I’m sure they’re all very complimentary). Today I got proof that he thinks I’m great. He brought me a present! I didn’t have a teddy of my own since Monkey ran away. Mummy says he still lives here but I never see him although sometimes I hear him running away. But now I have a brilliant new teddy! He’s dressed like a pilot which is one of the things I’m going to be when I grow up. I’ve named him Biggles 🙂 He was wearing goggles but I discovered that they fit me too so I’m wearing them now. They’ll be useful for when I get control of my boat.

Mummy bought me a flag for putting on top of my boat too. I’m going to write my name on it later. Now all I need to do is to plan exactly how to convince the crew to make me their captain and give me control of the ship…






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  1. Donal Avatar

    Sorry Pink Dude that I couldn’t get you onto MY ship (DANMARK) this time-But then maybe just as well for your sake-The Danes are the biggest exporter of pork products in the EU!!

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