Gardening is fun (when you have a saw)

I’m at my grandparents house for a few days before my Mummy goes back to work (boo!). I went to town this morning where my Aunty Allisum got stripes put in her hair so that she could look more like me in my cool stripey hoodie. I always knew she loved me really 🙂 I was tired when I came home so I sat inside the window for a while spying on the neighbours because I want to go to see my girlfriend Molly but I’m not allowed into their house when her a mummy is there. She thinks I’m a bad influence, I don’t know where she got that idea from. Maybe I shouldn’t keep pointing out that my stripey hoodie looks like Denis the Menace…

Anyway, as I was looking out the window, I saw my grandparents playing in the garden. It looked like great fun! You dig holes, throw mud around and get very dirty. I hate being clean so being covered in mud sounded like a great idea. So I decided to help with the ‘gardening’. I started small. Mummy gave me a little shovel to dig holes with. I was meant to put the plants into the holes but I was planning on planting Mummy’s purse in one hole so that it would grow into a giant money tree. Unfortunately I got a bit too enthusiastic and it turned out that I was throwing all the mud over my shoulder and it hit Mummy. She wasn’t very happy and she took my shovel away. Spoilsport 🙁


Next I decided to help to clear up a load of branches that had mysteriously turned up where Grandad’s car usually sits. I don’t like my seat being taken on the couch so I thought I’d help the car out. It turned out to be really fun, i ran into the middle of the leaves and I was playing hide and seek with some spiders (I was winning) when Mummy spoiled the fun again and told me to do some work. I tried to cut up some branches but the cutters were too big for me so I gave up.



It was then that I saw where the real fun was happening. There was a ladder. It went up into a tree. Molly’s dad seemed to be guarding the end of it so I couldn’t get near but there was noise coming from the top and branches kept falling off the tree. It was so cool! I do like a bit of destruction.


I had to wait for ages but eventually the magic ladder was left unguarded. I was just trying to sneak up it when guess what? My Mummy turned up and stopped me. She’s such a spoilsport!!!! The ladder is gone now so I’ll never find out what was at the top. I think it might have been giants or maybe pixies dancing. Something was making all those leaves fall. Goodbye magic ladder!






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