I want a puppy!

Last weekend I got invited to a party at my Aunty Debwa’s house (I think it was because her daddy was really old or something). It was great fun, there were balloons and candles and lots of chocolate cake! My piece ended up all over my face, yummy! The most exciting but was when I found out that there was a new puppy in the house. I had never met a real puppy before, only sensible adult dogs. I heard somewhere that if you want to control someone, you need to start when they’re very young. So I decided to make friends with the puppy so that she could help me with my dog army when she grows up.

It started really well, it turns out we have a lot in common. She has a naughty side, just like me. She ran off with my Granny’s shoe! And she’s sneaky too. When that shoe was being rescued, she snuck back in and stole the second shoe! It was so funny, I nearly fell into my dessert I laughed do much.

After dinner, I went over to talk to her. I was trying to tell her all about my ideas for her future uniform when she decided to try to chew my nose! Not impressed. Mummy says it’s because she’s teething but it might just be because I still had some cake on my face… So I’ve decided that I can’t work with her yet, she’s still too much of a silly baby. And anyway, she needs to grow a big before she’ll be able to carry me around properly. She’s great fun though so maybe I’ll ask Santa for a puppy this year (Santa still thinks I’m a good boy, I’m always very careful to be good when I’m anywhere near a chimney in case he hears me). I think I will call it Oinkdog.

Here’s some photos of me with Diego.








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