Only 50 days til Christmas!

Now that Halloween is over I’m turning my attention to Christmas. Ted will be doing a guest blog over the next few days about his birthday party the other day but I’ve already moved on. It’s only 50 days until Christmas!!!

I decided to write my Santa letter this morning but I couldn’t find any paper in my Granny’s house and I didn’t bring my special glittery markers down with me so Mummy suggested that I wait until we got home. She’s probably right, I haven’t even had a chance to go through all the toy shop catalogues properly yet.

So I spent most of the morning wandering about the house looking for something to do. I was going to go to the garden to torment the chickens but it’s so wet that they were just hiding in their house. Then I decided to go to the driving range with my parents to laugh at my Mummy trying to learn to play golf but that had the same problem, I might have gotten wet and wet could mean clean. Eventually I went into the kitchen to see if there might be any chocolate lying about. There wasn’t but I found something much more interesting. Christmas pudding.

It was only being made and it looked so messy. From what I could gather, you just throw lot of smelly things in a bowl and you mix them around. I thought about climbing in to the bowl or maybe even throwing things in and seeing if anyone noticed when they went to eat it but I was being watched…. Everyone was taking turns to stir the pudding so I had to ask why. It turns out that you can make a wish when you stir the pudding! I’m usually allergic to housework or anything that involves me making an effort but I had to try this.


Here’s a list of the things that I wished for.

1. A submarine.
2. A fighter jet
3. James Bond’s cool car with the machine gun headlights and the ejector seats
4. A few henchmen
5. A new super secret evil lair, possibly on its own island
6. All the chocolate in the world
7. Roller skates
8. A giant gob stopper to keep my Mummy’s mouth closed so she can’t give out to me

I’m really looking forward to all those wishing coming true, hopefully by tomorrow 😀





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