Only six more sleeps til my birthyday!

So as most of you already know (due to my constant reminding people), my birthday is next Tuesday. I’m going to be three which is a seriously important age. There’s only one problem, my Daddy won’t be at home on the day ๐Ÿ™ But he will be here this weekend so I have very graciously decided to have two birthday days so that he doesn’t miss out. And if I end up with extra presents, well, I guess that would be ok.

I spent most of today working on the schedule for my birthday day on Sunday. Here’s an early draft, I’m sure I’ll think of other bits to add soon.

Sunday 2nd March

11am – Birthday breakfast pancakes with Nutella and mini marshmallows. Start the day on a sugar high ๐Ÿ™‚

12pm – Fun mystery birthday activity (Mummy has to organise this one as a surprise for me, if it’s not a good enough surprise she will be punished. And the surprise is not allowed to involve me having to do any exercise)

4pm – Birthday nap to get ready for the evening.

6pm – Special birthday steak dinner (with candles on my steak and more candles on the potatoes. My dinner should be at least twice as big as everyone else’s)

7pm – Birthday cake time with lots of candles, balloons and singing. Banners with ‘Oink Rules’ are also acceptable.

7.30pm – Presents. Lots. No need to wrap them.

8pm – Birthday movie and popcorn time. I would like to see a funny film. There should be no cute pigs in the film because this day is all about me. The popcorn must be salty and I must have a whole bag to myself.

10pm – More birthday singing while I head to bed.

Tuesday 5th March
Mummy has to repeat it all again.

So those are my current birthday plans. I even got a special birthday shirt to wear on the day in case anyone doesn’t realise it’s my big day ๐Ÿ™‚







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