I hate snow

When I was only one we had great snow in Dublin. I got to make my own snowman and I threw lots of snowballs at Ted. Now that I’m so old and wise at three, here are my reasons for hating snow.

  1. It’s so cold! I’m currently hiding under two duvets and a blanket and I have an electric blanket switched on. And I’m still cold!
  2. I can’t go outside to check on the tunnel I’ve been digging in the garden. It’s at a critical stage and I’m concerned the squirrels might try to take over…
  3. Mummy won’t go outside in the snow and there’s no chocolate in the house. I tried ringing Childline about this one but they laughed at me. Note to self: they shall suffer once I take over the world…
  4. Mummy tried to make me have hot vegetable soup. She says it’s good snow food. I say IT HAS VEGETABLES, TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
  5. I feel dizzy from watching the snow flakes swirling around.

In conclusion, I hate snow. I wish it would go away.

There’s only one good thing about the word Snow and that’s the fact that my best friend is called that. It’s unfortunate but not really her fault, I blame her mother. From now on I shall refer to my friend Snow only by her official title, Supreme 2nd in Command-er. Not the S word…..








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