My anniversary weekend

Hi All,

Can you believe that it’s a whole year since I had my giant party in Waterford Castle? It’s been a busy year, my war against the squirrels has come to an end (I won) and my plans to take over the world are coming along nicely. I just need someone to fix my tank, I tried to drive it down the stairs and the tracks fell off…

This weekend was great fun. My parents decided to take me back to the Castle to celebrate (they seemed a bit confused about it being their day rather than mine). I had a brilliant time. When they went to dinner I ordered lots of room service, I got champagne and cake, much better than the nasty vegetables that might have been on their plates. I went to stay at my Granny’s house on Saturday night. Daddy bought me a lovely bottle of champagne, it was quite tasty but the bubbles got up my nose and I spent the rest of the evening trying to hold my breath to stop my hiccoughs.


On our way to Waterford, we stopped in Wicklow to get my professional portrait taken. We went to my friend Andrew Miller, he took some great photos of me at my party last year. He spent ages warming up his camera by taking pictures of my parents. i was seriously worried that the lens might break before he got to take the proper photos of me. Apparently you’re meant to sit still for photos but I was posing too elaborately so Andrew had to tie my tail down to keep me still. I was not amused… Luckily for him, the photo came out really well. I’m planning on using it for my campaign posters for Grand Supreme Ruler of the Universe. I may get a second one done for the portraits that all my subjects will have to hang in their sitting rooms… Here’s the picture for you all to enjoy. Feel free to print it out, put it on your wall and draw hearts all over it 🙂


Mummy says I’m turning into a spoiled brat with my fancy hotels, champagne and official portraits. I say, I’m worth it!

Until next time!

Oink xxx





2 responses to “My anniversary weekend”

  1. snowslife Avatar

    aren’t you a bit too young for all that champagne???????

    1. Oink Avatar

      You’re just jealous! 😀

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