Month: June 2013

  • To the Lighthouse! Oink Lighthouse that is 🙂

    Last week was a very sad one for me, I lost my only Great-Grandad 🙁 He was awesome, he taught me so many things, like how to get into trouble and how to do a really good boldy face. So I decided to honour his memory in the best way that I could think of; […]

  • Escaped!

    Hi all, Ted here… This morning I was kidnapped by the members of PLATO (Provisional League Against Ted\Oink) and was held captive. They even placed a blog post saying they took me 🙁 Luckily my captors are really stupid and didn’t lock the door to my cell so when they went for their lunch […]

  • Property to Let

    A remarkable opportunity has come up in the property letting market in Waterford. Oink Properties Ltd. is proud to present to the public this charming cottage, full of character and complete with a south facing garden. The accommodation is very spacious, consisting of a porch and sitting room/kitchen/bedroom. It also has all modern conveniences, including […]