Thunder and Lightning in Dublin

Hi All,

I’ve decided to use Oink’s blog to inform the world of just what a little sissy Oink is. It’s suitable revenge for all the general nuisance he causes around the house.

So for the last 24 hours we’ve had really bad thunder, lightning and rain in Dublin (on and off). I have an advanced degree in meteorology that I studied for online so weather doesn’t really bother me. The thunder woke me up ok but I was planning on going straight back to sleep once I had checked that Mummy was ok and that the skylight on the landing wasn’t open (I didn’t want to walk on soggy carpet for weeks). Unfortunately, Oink also woke up…

He ran around the room in circles squealing and he just wouldn’t listen to sense. Eventually Booie managed to trap him in a net he keeps under his pillow and we gagged him.

On to today. The thunder has started up again but this time Oink is too scared to even get out of bed. He seems to think that if he hides his head then it’s not really happening and it will all go away. He’s so brave and fearless…


In honour of Oink’s bravery, I have composed this short poem:

It’s raining,
It’s pouring,
Oink says I’m boring,
But he’s the one in bed,
Covering his head,
And he won’t get out til the morning…

Ted x





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