Life is so much better when you have a partner in crime (literally)

Greetings loyal subjects,

I come to you today with good news. I have finally found my perfect partner in crime (I wanted to say henchman but he said no). While General Snow is still my number one, she’s rather better at planning than brute force so I needed someone who would blindly obey orders to DESTROY!!!!!

Just when I was giving up, I met Garrie. He’s awesome! He doesn’t speak much due to the fact that he’s a skeleton and doesn’t have vocal chords but we understood each other straight away. I explained my manifesto, he let me know that he liked it by throwing paper clips in the air and breaking pencils. We spent the morning making plans and complementing each other on our taste in knitwear (you may recognise my hoodie as the one that Snow’s mum made me).


In the afternoon, we waited for all the boring adults to disappear before putting our main plan into action. We had spotted a safe and everybody knows that those are always full of gold and maybe some diamonds (which I want to sew onto my Prince outfit to look more regal). I made sure that the coast was clear while Garrie did what he does best, apply brute force to inanimate objects. Unfortunately the adults came back before we got it fully open…


Garrie’s mum has gone back to college now so he won’t be back at work to help me. Luckily, we have a new plan. I brainwashed my mum into getting us all tickets to go to the circus! I will be dressed as the ringmaster (I have my top hat ready) and Garrie will be dressed as the circus strong man so we should manage to take over within the first 5 minutes. I’ve always wanted my own circus!

In the meantime, I’m off to get some lunch. See you all soon!






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  1. Garrie the Grim Avatar
    Garrie the Grim

    A curse upon those nosy humans for interrupting our cat-burglary. But fear not, Master Oink! Soon enough shall we succeed in our mission… Er, *your* mission, I mean. Sir.

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