This is how I roll…

Just a quick update for you all. Last week, I made a new friend. I chose this new friend very carefully and for the in no way selfish reason that he has his own car and is willing to be my taxi driver (also because he never remembers to charge). His name is Noddy and this is me in his car. My mother keeps singing a weird song around him and asking if she can make his head nod but that’s probably just because she’s a bit ancient and her brain is getting rusty…


Sometimes, he even lets me drive! So far I’ve only knocked over three lampposts and a few bollards. I’m a pretty awesome driver!


Noddy’s car is not the only form of transport that I have been using over the last week. My new sibling (the one arriving next year) got a special delivery of something called a ‘buggy’. At first it sounded boring and I just used all the boxes to build a wall inside the front door. This may seem a bit pointless but it worked out very profitably indeed. I charged Mummy €2 as a toll to be allowed past when she came home.


I wasn’t terribly interested in what was in the boxes until I heard Daddy asking Ted if he wanted to go for a spin. So I tripped up Ted and got there first. It turns out that the baby gets it’s own travel system!!! Why didn’t I have my own travel system??? Easily solved, I have claimed this one as my own and the baby and just sit on the floor. I think I look pretty good in it though I am planning some improvements. I’ll be starting with go-faster stripes and then moving on to some sort of jet propulsion system. Ted will design it for me.








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  1. snowslife Avatar

    Looking great Oink, almost had a heart attack, thought that my bag was in 4th pic with Snow in it!

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