Hospital fun

I really have been much too busy lately to update my blog. Today I’m sitting in the hospital waiting for my little brother to have a check up and it reminded me of my awesome hospital stay back in February. So I thought you might all like to hear about it.

I always heard that hospitals were nasty places full of stinky cabbage smells and such people. I was so wrong!

First of all, my room. I got a really nice one with a view. A view of a bank… It was absolutely perfect for carrying out surveillance. By Day 2 I had worked out the schedules of all the staff and security. Unfortunately, there was a delay with my X-ray goggles order from Amazon and they didn’t get delivered in time to find out the passwords for the vaults… The only issue was that I had to share a room with Mum.



The only issue was that I had to share a room with Mum but at least I got my own bed. I got kicked out of it once my baby brother arrived though, he wouldn’t share.


Here’s one last photo of me in hospital. They gave my Mum this to breathe in and out because she was whining so much. I tried it out, it made my head very spinny…







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