I’m very sorry I haven’t had a chance to blog lately. There were several small reasons for this. I was really tired after my holiday and all the travelling and I was busy unpacking. But mainly it’s because my mummy confiscated my iPad…. Apparently ordering submarines on her credit card wasn’t ‘behaving’. I did nothing wrong! When she said ‘behave’, she didn’t say ‘behave well’ so I decided she must have meant behave however I liked. Silly grown ups…

Anyway, I’ve decided to share a great photo with you of me doing my new hobby. It started in St. Lucia when my parents brought me whale watching (I saw whales and flying fish and dolphins, the dolphins seemed interested in joining my army, they swam around the boat for ages). I hadn’t been on many boats before, most were just boring ferries. This boat was so cool! They brought it right into the beach and we had to walk into the water and climb up stairs onto it. Well, mummy did the walking bit, I don’t like getting wet.

I was a natural. The boat people thought I was amazing so the captain quit and made me captain straight away. I need mum to make me a captain hat now… And maybe a blue and white striped suit. I climbed all over the boat and untied all the messy knots that they had tied in the ropes.

I haven’t given up on my submarine plans yet but I’ve decided to get myself a boat first. One with a mast for me to sit on top of to shout directions. I’m going to ask if I can go to the seaside at the weekend to pick one out. I shall call it ‘The Jolly Oink’. Though mum says boats should have girls names so I might call it ‘Oinketta’. I think she was dropping hints but ‘Mummy’ is a silly name for a boat…

Captain Oink xxx







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