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  • Sailing

    I’m very sorry I haven’t had a chance to blog lately. There were several small reasons for this. I was really tired after my holiday and all the travelling and I was busy unpacking. But mainly it’s because my mummy confiscated my iPad…. Apparently ordering submarines on her credit card wasn’t ‘behaving’. I did nothing […]

  • I love St Lucia

    Good morning/afternoon dear fans (I’m a little confused about what time zone I’m in, I did a lot of travel yesterday). Just posting a very quick blog entry to tell you I’ve arrived in style. The hotel upgraded us to a beach front villa (I’m that famous) and they even put out a congratulations sign […]

  • Stowaways 🙂

    My parents are going on the second part of their honeymoon thing today (I still haven’t worked out exactly what that is yet). Myself and Ted were meant to be going to a babysitter for the week. Until I overheard two very interesting phone calls… The first was to the baby sitter giving instructions. For […]