Stowaways 🙂

My parents are going on the second part of their honeymoon thing today (I still haven’t worked out exactly what that is yet). Myself and Ted were meant to be going to a babysitter for the week. Until I overheard two very interesting phone calls…

The first was to the baby sitter giving instructions. For some reason my mummy made me sound like a right handful! When everyone knows I’m amazing. The main points weren’t nice. No staying up past 8pm. No sweets. No fizzy drinks. No playing really loud music while drawing all over important papers. In other words, boring!!!!!!

The second call was to my granny to tell her all about the holiday (my granny is great by the way, I would have been happy if she was the babysitter). I heard lots of magic words like sun, sea, pool, sand (which obviously means building castles) and then a really really interesting set of words. Dormant volcano…. There’s one right beside the hotel! And if I brought my bucket and spade maybe I could hollow it out (with Ted’s help probably). I also heard the word minibar. I think that means Oink size bars of chocolate.

So really there was no contest. I held a super secret planning meeting with Ted and then I stood on his shoulders to reach the phone. I put on my mummy’s voice and cancelled the babysitter. Then I rang mummy and put on the babysitters voice to say she collected us early. Then myself and Ted went into the spare room and rooted around in daddy’s suitcase until we found somewhere to hide. So…….we’re off to St Lucia!!! Ha ha mummy and daddy, by the time you read this it’ll be too late. We’ll meet you at the pool for cocktails later 🙂






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