Month: July 2012

  • My new jumper (and the Bray air show)

    I had a really good day yesterday. We all went to an air show in Bray so that Daddy could take photos and I could pick out which planes to have in my future air force. I saw some pretty good ones, there was even one painted to look like a cow! I decided to […]

  • The Oinkmobile

    Great news loyal followers, my new transport has arrived! No more trying to train magpies and pigeons to carry me about (unless I’m attempting aerial attacks of course). My parents bought me this cool new car. It says Fluence on the back but that’s not a very cool name so I’m going to get a […]

  • Tara’s Palace and Doll Museum

    Last month I went on some day trips with my Mummy but she hasn’t had a chance to help me with my typing lately so sorry for the delay bringing this to you! One of the great places we went was a doll museum where I got to meet lots of new people while checking […]