My new jumper (and the Bray air show)

I had a really good day yesterday. We all went to an air show in Bray so that Daddy could take photos and I could pick out which planes to have in my future air force. I saw some pretty good ones, there was even one painted to look like a cow! I decided to settle on a helicopter, the army had a great one that could move the water underneath it. It seems to come pre-loaded with army guys too which is useful. They had black parachutes and they parachuted down onto the beach in front of me. It was seriously cool. I don’t think I’d like to be doing the jumping myself but I do think I might enjoy being the one pushing them out of the helicopter. I could also use a helicopter for leaflet dropping, I’m currently designing one recommending myself as ruler of the universe (people will agree the minute they see it, no arguments will be allowed).

On our way home from the show we stopped at my friend Snow’s house to say hi. Snow is great, when I take over the world I’m going to make her my 2nd in command, she seems to get my evil streak 🙂 Snow’s mummy is really good at making things, the last time they were in my house I loved the jumper she had made for Snow. And guess what? She made one for me too!!!!!!! It’s really wooly and it has a hood to keep my ears warm and dry. But the absolute best it is on the back. It has my name on it!!! General Oink 🙂 And the O in Oink has my portrait in it. Best present EVER!!!! Thank you Snow’s Mum! We look pretty amazing in our jumpers, have a look at these pictures of us. I hope I get to hang out with Snow again soon, we have so many things to discuss about the future of the world (under my rule).

Over and out!

General Oink







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