Tag: Snow

  • I want more holidays

    I’m back from my holidays and I’m not happy. I want more. Being at home is so dull, I finished my Easter egg and I have to wait until the weekend for Daddy to teach me how to use my new bows and arrow. I tried going to work with my Mummy but that was […]

  • Why can’t we have proper snow?

    I’m not in a very good mood today. It’s finally winter in Dublin. It’s really cold and it’s dark all day and I can’t go anywhere in case it rains on me and I end up clean… There are only two good things about winter and neither of them have appeared yet. The first is […]

  • My new jumper (and the Bray air show)

    I had a really good day yesterday. We all went to an air show in Bray so that Daddy could take photos and I could pick out which planes to have in my future air force. I saw some pretty good ones, there was even one painted to look like a cow! I decided to […]