Why can’t we have proper snow?

I’m not in a very good mood today. It’s finally winter in Dublin. It’s really cold and it’s dark all day and I can’t go anywhere in case it rains on me and I end up clean… There are only two good things about winter and neither of them have appeared yet. The first is hot chocolate, I love it but Mummy hates the smell so I can’t have it in the house. The second is snow! I saw some on the television but there’s none in my garden 🙁 I’m very disappointed because the last time that we had snow here I got to go outside and build a snowman. I also threw snowballs at the squirrels but don’t tell my Mummy! I nearly hit her with one by accident and I had to pretend that it was the squirrels that were throwing them!

Here’s a picture of the snowman that I built last year. Ted says that he helped too but I was the artistic genius behind it of course. I may also have been responsible for eating the snowman’s buttons but we won’t mention that.

And do you know what the worst thing about me not having snow here is? Ted has lots of snow! He’s on his holidays in London with Daddy and he keeps video calling me to show me the snow in the garden there. He even showed me a picture of himself IN the snow kicking it about. I am very very jealous right now…

I can only think of two solutions to my current problem, how to spoil things for Ted and his snow. I’m either building a giant microwave machine to melt Ted’s snow or I’m breaking into every house in Dublin tonight to open their freezers and make the snow come here. But first I think I need a nap, that all sounds like terribly hard work.






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