Tara’s Palace and Doll Museum

Last month I went on some day trips with my Mummy but she hasn’t had a chance to help me with my typing lately so sorry for the delay bringing this to you! One of the great places we went was a doll museum where I got to meet lots of new people while checking out designs for an Oink sized house. There was one huge house there called ‘Tara’s Palace’. It was brilliant but it would need to be a bit bigger for me to fit in properly. I didn’t get to meet Tara herself, I think she must have gone into town for the day or maybe she was out playing golf like all my grand-aunties do. ย I did see a golf course outside.

Anyway, we met a very nice lady called Marie who brought Mummy and I all the way around the museum and told you about all the things that we saw. Tara must be very important because she has lots of Waterford Crystal in her house. I got some of that for my big party a few months ago but I very generously gave it to Mummy and Daddy to use. Mummy says I’m not allowed to touch it in case I drop it or try to use the glasses as holes for playing indoor golf into. I think that’s a pretty good idea…

Children and bold adults like my Mummy aren’t allowed to touch anything in the museum in case it breaks. But I was really really good and made sure I was very nice to the lady giving us the tour so she said I was allowed to sit on some of the toys. There was an absolutely huge horse that I sat on but no matter how much I asked it only rocked back and forward and wouldn’t run around the room for me ๐Ÿ™

I nearly fell off trying to shout into the horses ear so Mummy moved me to a slightly smaller horse. It had the same hearing problem as the first one, it wouldn’t go anywhere. I told the lady not to give them any sugar cubes because they were being so naughty.

I wasn’t very happy with what happened next. Mummy said I was behaving like a baby by sulking over the horses so she put me into a baby’s pram. I wasn’t amused! I am not a baby, I’m 2 and a third! That third is very important to me. And even worse, she insisted on taking pictures of me in the pram, parents are so embarrassing!

I found a house that was exactly my size on the way out. I was just getting settled in and deciding how to furnish it when Mummy said it was time to go home. Spoil sport ๐Ÿ™ I hope I get to go back some day soon, it was fun ๐Ÿ™‚


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