My (Ted’s) Birthday

Hi loyal followers of Oink (that what he calls you all). As a birthday present, Oink said I’m allowed to have my own blog post. So long as I mention how great he is. And don’t hog my mum’s new phone for too long. And also compose a song in his honour with at least five verses. You know, I’m not sure that this is worth it….

Anyway, a few weeks ago, it was my birthday! It was a really great day. I never had a birthday party before because I used to live in a dark basement with no friends until Daddy rescued me. I didn’t even know I had a birthday! I was so excited when my parents told me that it was the same day as Halloween 🙂 My new age is 6 which is more than twice Oink’s age. You might think that would make him look up to me but no, he uses it as an excuse to be even brattier while claiming to be an innocent toddler. I’ve seen him climbing walls in full army gear so I don’t think he’s really a toddler…

My party was absolutely brilliant. We all had to get dressed up for Halloween. I went as a pumpkin (I love pumpkins) and Oink went as Zorro. I don’t think he understands that Zorro was the good guy…

We had a lovely dinner, pumpkin soup (like my costume) then lasagne and then BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! It was huge! And there were presents! I got a birthday balloon with ‘6’ on it and a candle with ‘6’ on it and a bucket full of presents. I got a new rugby shirt, a model airplane and a skittles game. I can’t wait until my next birthday. Christmas is great but I have to share that with Oink.

Here’s a photo of me blowing out my candle. If you look closely you can see the string of my balloon. You can also see Oink sneaking about in the back trying to steal all my birthday chocolate when I wasn’t looking. Oh well.


Have a nice evening everyone. I’m off to write Oink’s song for him. He wants it to be named ‘Ode to Oink’. He really has very little imagination 🙁





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