Tag: Halloween

  • Halloween again

    As you all know, Halloween is my favourite time of the year (apart from Christmas and my birthday). I get to spend weeks planning the festivities and preparing my costume. I thought long and hard and decided that this year, I needed a costume that would make a profit. So I went as Santa and […]

  • My (Ted’s) Birthday

    Hi loyal followers of Oink (that what he calls you all). As a birthday present, Oink said I’m allowed to have my own blog post. So long as I mention how great he is. And don’t hog my mum’s new phone for too long. And also compose a song in his honour with at least […]

  • Pumpkin time!

    I’ve been waiting for ages for pumpkin season to come around again and now it’s finally here! I was so excited, I saved up my pocket money and walked over to Superquinn with Ted to buy one. It was almost as good as Christmas, there was a huge container full of pumpkins! All orange and […]

  • Balloons!

    October is a big birthday month in our house. My Daddy had his birthday a few weeks ago. He said he’d be old when his birthday came, I thought it would be pretty cool to see him get old all in one second so I snuck out of bed at nearly midnight to watch. I […]