Month: December 2012

  • Christmas was AWESOME!!!

    Tonight is New Years Eve. I only found out a few minutes ago when I heard a lot of noise from outside and went to investigate. The sky was lighting up strangely, lots of flashes and lots of bangs. It turned out to be fireworks in town. I was so disappointed, once again my parents […]

  • Two more sleeps to Christmas!

    There are only two more sleeps until Christmas and things are getting very exciting. I’ve had a very busy day. We went to the shop to buy turkey and a thing called ham which is made from pink cows and smells really nasty. I’ll stick to the turkey. When we were there I bumped into […]

  • Oink’s Crib

    I’m really getting in the Christmas spirit now. I went into town today to go to a Christmas Fair but it wasn’t very good. I did get some roast chestnuts but I got caught trying to get myself some mulled wine and then I wasn’t allowed to play on the giant slide 🙁 I did […]

  • Santa letter time!

    It’s that wonderful time of year again, time to write my Santa letter! I’m a bit later than last year because I couldn’t find my special glitter pens and also because I had to wait to see all the toy catalogues before I could decide. In the end I just decided I want a lot […]