Oink’s Crib

I’m really getting in the Christmas spirit now. I went into town today to go to a Christmas Fair but it wasn’t very good. I did get some roast chestnuts but I got caught trying to get myself some mulled wine and then I wasn’t allowed to play on the giant slide 🙁

I did get to see something really great earlier in the day though. We were walking past a shed on the side if the street when I heard a strange noise. It sounded almost exactly like a donkey but we were in the middle of the city so I was confused… I went to investigate. The sign on the door said ‘Live Crib’ but that didn’t give me much information, I didn’t know what a crib was. I stood on Ted’s shoulders to try to see in the window but we weren’t talk enough. So I had to be very brave and i went inside. I saw three donkeys, a goat and two sheep! It was amazing! Right up until the point where the goat tried to eat Ted and we had to run away.


All that got me thinking. I know I saw the word ‘crib’ somewhere before… I looked it up on the Internet and I found a tv show where famous people show off their houses. I’m famous. So I needed a crib.

Once we got home I found out why I recognized the word. There was a box in the sitting room with ‘nativity crib’ written on it. Awesome, my parents obviously got me my own crib! I need to do some redecorating, it doesn’t have any turrets yet or a flat screen tv but once I find where Daddy left his wallet I’ll hire an interior decorator. So….welcome to my crib people!!!






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  1. ana Avatar

    This is very engaging. I love it

    1. Oink Avatar

      Thanks! 🙂
      I always have time for my adoring public! Merry Oinkmas!

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