Month: March 2013

  • I hate snow

    When I was only one we had great snow in Dublin. I got to make my own snowman and I threw lots of snowballs at Ted. Now that I’m so old and wise at three, here are my reasons for hating snow. It’s so cold! I’m currently hiding under two duvets and a blanket and […]

  • Best dinner ever!

    I’m always trying to convince my Mummy to let me help her with the grocery shopping. She needs help because every week I write a list for her (chocolate, crisps, jellies) and every week she comes home with all the wrong things (fruit, vegetables, fish). This week, I finally succeeded. She was doing her shopping […]

  • Happy birthyday to me!!!!

    Happy birthyday to me, happy birthyday to me, la la la la! I wish you could all hear my beautiful singing voice right now. I’m 3 today but I’m getting a whole birthday week! Because I’m so important. Also because my Daddy is away today and I wanted him to be there to see me […]