I do like my famous friends!

Hi all,

It’s a while since I had time to blog, I’ve been far too busy hanging out with cool people and also plotting how to get myself some golden shoes so that I don’t look out of place with them. You see, I only hang out with celebrities now.

I recently brought my parents and my Granny along to a talk given by a very important friend of mine (we’re even friends on Facebook so we’re obviously very close). Petra Kindler gave a really interesting and funny talk about her life and her work and lots of people came to see her!

We got to Garter Lane a bit early so I decided to take in the artistic atmosphere and create some beautiful pieces of my own. Luckily I found everything I needed lying around, even my favourite shades of crayon (black and red). My work is currently on sale for €3000 each as a special introductory offer. I am a genius after all.


Finally the doors opened and I was able to take my seat, my mother messed up and got me a ticket in the second row instead of on the stage itself…she has been suitably punished for her stupidity. Before Petra went on stage, I decided to warm things up a bit for her. I could really get used to being in the spotlight, I really think it suited me. I did some interpretive dance but nobody seemed to notice me, it was a very tough crowd.


I spent most of the talk enjoying myself listening to Petra while imagining how my life was going to change now that everyone knows that I hang out with famous people who have posters with their names on them. Then I spent some time making a plan for my own talk which I’m planning on touring with. It will be based around how difficult it is to be three and have parents who just don’t help with your world domination plots. Anyway, on to the moment that you’ve all been waiting for; here’s a photo of me with my bestie, Petra.


We all really enjoyed our outing and I only had one complaint about the whole thing which for me is very impressive. She had a whole stage to give out about my Uncle Donal’s treatment of me from (he keeps leaving confusing comments on my Facebook page about apples and stuffing and crackling) and she didn’t say anything! I’m guessing it was probably because she’s still writing a much longer talk about how bold he is…

So I’m off to take a nap before I start on my Halloween blog, it’s been a long week!

Over and out,

Oink xxx

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  1. Petra says:

    Dear Oink, you certainly know your way to a Y-list celebrity’s heart! I am chuffed by your kind words about my gig – and dismayed that your dance interlude didn’t get the recognition it surely deserved. Perhaps you should contemplate a continental solo tour. I suspect a German audience would be much more appreciative of your talents; not least because your species is the symbol of good luck all across the country. Think about it! Especially since it is now very clearly established that you are a natural in front of the camera, whereas I am a natural disaster.

    Nonetheless, please accept my sincere gratitude for exercising your considerable influence to “convince” your extended family to attend my peculiar musings!

    Yours fondly,


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