Month: June 2012

  • Powerscourt House and Gardens

    I am continuing to enjoy Mummy’s week off. Even the weather is behaving itself which helps our fun days out. Yesterday, Mummy gave me a map and told me to go talk to Ted and decide where we’d like to go. I closed my eyes and pointed at the map a few times but I […]

  • Botanical Gardens

    My Mummy is on her holidays at the moment. I wasn’t really happy when I heard that at first, I was worried she’d be around the house all day getting in my way. I’m very happy that I was wrong (probably the only time I ever will be, I’m always right, Oinkian infallibility). She’s bringing […]

  • Date night

    Molly has been very cross with me since my big party back in April. Apparently she actually came to my party but nobody told me that she was there so she stayed in her room all night and got angry with me for not calling her to come down and dance with me. I don’t […]

  • Our new house guest

    Mummy went shopping today. Usually when she goes shopping she brings me home a present and most the the time that present involves chocolate. I really really love chocolate. So myself and Ted were waiting at the front window for her today 🙂 She put down the shopping bag in the hallway and wandered off. […]

  • My holidays

    This post is being written a few weeks after the things actually happened. The main reason for this is because I was waiting to get the photos from my Daddy’s computer. It took a while cos he’s very busy. Just before I went on my holidays to St Lucia, my parents brought me to Northern […]

  • Mini golf

    Today I accompanied my parents to Dundrum to try something new. My Daddy plays golf and he wants my Mummy to play too so that he’ll be allowed to go golfing more. I’ve been on a golf course before, it’s very big and to be honest, very boring. I have my own set of golf […]

  • Camouflage

    Today I am mostly trying out some new military tactics. I got a new army outfit recently but I need to get it taken in (I’m waiting Mummy…) So while I’m waiting, I decided to try out the jacket. It’s camouflage!!! I look really fantastic in it, but then I look fantastic in everything. So […]