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  • Thunder and Lightning in Dublin

    Hi All, I’ve decided to use Oink’s blog to inform the world of just what a little sissy Oink is. It’s suitable revenge for all the general nuisance he causes around the house. So for the last 24 hours we’ve had really bad thunder, lightning and rain in Dublin (on and off). I have an […]

  • Operation Destroy PLATO

    Dear loyal followers, As you are most probably aware, I recently gained a new arch-nemesis. This came about when my brother Ted was kidnapped by a group called PLATO (largely due to Dad’s incompetence in keeping an eye on Ted but also because one member of PLATO had been pretending to be nice to lull […]

  • To the Lighthouse! Oink Lighthouse that is ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last week was a very sad one for me, I lost my only Great-Grandad ๐Ÿ™ He was awesome, he taught me so many things, like how to get into trouble and how to do a really good boldy face. So I decided to honour his memory in the best way that I could think of; […]

  • Escaped!

    Hi all, Ted here… This morning I was kidnapped by the members of PLATO (Provisional League Against Ted\Oink) and was held captive. They even placed a blog post saying they took me ted-kidnapped.info ๐Ÿ™ Luckily my captors are really stupid and didn’t lock the door to my cell so when they went for their lunch […]

  • Property to Let

    A remarkable opportunity has come up in the property letting market in Waterford. Oink Properties Ltd. is proud to present to the public this charming cottage, full of character and complete with a south facing garden. The accommodation is very spacious, consisting of a porch and sitting room/kitchen/bedroom. It also has all modern conveniences, including […]

  • Phew, that was close!

    Project World Domination: Day 241 My team of highly trained soldiers (the ones I got for my birthday) have been tunneling from my garden to the nearest bank vault. It has not been easy. My plans were, as usual, brilliant but we have come across some issues which have delayed progress. Firstly, my mother found […]

  • Adventures around Westminster

    Last week I got to spend a whole day wandering around London. I brought my Mummy with me to carry me around (walking tires me out so I have less energy for mischief) but I got to choose where we went. I spent ages circling places with interesting names in my guidebook and off we […]

  • Oink Holmes, Consulting Detective

    Greetings from the British Airways Lounge at Heathrow! I’m sitting on a couch watching the planes and enjoying all the free crisps and little cans of dizzy drinks. That’s how I roll now! I’ve been looking for ways to entertain myself, I tried appointing myself barman but nobody paid for their drinks… So now I’m […]

  • My anniversary weekend

    Hi All, Can you believe that it’s a whole year since I had my giant party in Waterford Castle? It’s been a busy year, my war against the squirrels has come to an end (I won) and my plans to take over the world are coming along nicely. I just need someone to fix my […]

  • The numerous castles of Oink

    Dear loyal followers, I’m very bored today. I’m waiting to go to my best friend Snow’s house for dinner. I’m trying to get my Mum to bring me out straight away but she keeps making excuses. Apparently Snow is at school or gone to the moon or something until dinner time. If she has gone […]

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